Rev. Dr. Gabriel E. Nduye

Dear Friends in Christ,
I am writing to inform you that there has been a change of leadership at the district level and that Wallace Lupenza is going for further studies and that I am replacing him at the moment. My name is Rev Gabriel Nduye and I will be heading the Makambako District for up coming four years. Before coming here, I was working in Njombe as Partnership coordinator as well as director for Centre for Agricultural Development which is located in Lupembe. I am Married to Grace and we are blessed with four grown up kinds.
Warmly welcome to Makambako. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

Rev. Dr. Gabriel E. Nduye
ELCT Southern Diocese
Center for Agricultural Development (CAD)

„Abuse Always Begins With Praise“ Chinese Proverb
„Elimu ni kama Afya tu. Ukiwa na elimu usimfanye asiye nayo ajione ana balaa. Akitibiwa akapona usione amekuvunjia heshima.“ „Such attitude is nonsense, such education is perverted education.“ J.K. Nyerere