Wir schicken (fast) alles nach Tansania

… sogar ein Boot – für das Matema-Krankenhaus am Njassa-See: MatemaInukaMakambakoMatema P 2015.08.01 046

Frau Dr. Heinke Schimanowski  schrieb dazu:

Dear Tapio, finally great relief: The boat arrived safely 30th of July, 22 hours at Matema.
Thanks a lot to you yourself, the friends from the Finnish Mission Society, the friends who contributed to this,
Hermann Hausmann, the Container Team in Munich,
On the pictures, the longest guy is Richard Mahundi,
Clinical Officer from INUKA who was with us the 4 days in Makambako.
Lets hope, that the net will allow the pictures to be sent.
Mungu awabiriki!




MatemaInukaMakambakoMatema P 2015.08.01 174

MatemaInukaMakambakoMatema P 2015.08.01 108